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5 reasons why a co-working space is better than a typical office

You left the corporate office life for good reason, and you love your cozy WFH vibe. Why would anyone want to come *back* to the office? Glad you asked. Here are our five main reasons why co-working spaces are far superior to corporate office cultures.

1. No set hours

Say goodbye to the 9 to 5—at a co-working space, you set your own hours. Early riser, or working in a different time zone? Come and go as you please. We promise, there's no one here staring passive aggressively at their watch.

2. Combat that loneliness

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an issue to the fore that has been brewing for a long time: our individualistic culture breeds loneliness. And loneliness is not asymptomatic—quite the contrary. It can have adverse effects on our mental and physical health.

At CO-VALLEY, socializing is *not* mandatory at all (how awful would that be), but when you work here you're surrounded by people who, by default, have a soft spot for community. That counts for a lot.

3. Show up as you are

Sometimes, office/corporate culture can feel a bit... fake. Monday morning small talk conversations, mandatory social events, team meetings, and forced laughter at your boss's bad jokes can all really take a toll on your sense of self.

At CO-VALLEY, you can show up as your authentic self. Not in the mood to chat? Walk around with your headphones on and no one will bug you. Need to debrief about a bad meeting? Come into the kitchen, grab a coffee and let off some steam—we promise no one's going to throw you under the bus to your manager.

4. No hierarchies

Speaking of that manager... here, there are no bosses. There's no one you need to impress, and no formalities. If you have an idea for a workshop or something you'd like to see changed, great! Bring it on.

5. Your inclusion here isn't based on performance

Basically, you can't get fired from a co-working space! Even if you're going through a rough career patch, your presence here isn't dependent on that job. Want to browse the internet for a day while you work up the nerve to send your CV around? Do it. Need someone to put an extra set of eyes on that CV? Just ask. Want a recommendation letter or maybe some introductions to other people in your industry? Again, just ask.

So there you have it—our five main reasons why we love co-working over corporate office life, any day of the week.

We have a few full and part-time desks available. Drop us a line or pop by to chat if you're interested in trying out the co-working life!


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