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(and answers!)

  • Who is CO-VALLEY for?
    We’re particularly looking to share the space with people who are… Entrepreneurs that depend on and are characterized by some level of technology (designers! web developers! copywriters! IT people! animators! etc!) Remote workers who are doing great things, tech-related or not; People who can bring a good vibe to a space; Business owners who are eager to work in a community space and who share some of the above characteristics. Not sure if that’s you? Get in touch anyway :)
  • It says you're open 24/7, but I stopped by and no one was there. Why's that?
    Members can access their desks 24/7! But CO-VALLEY is not staffed 24/7. The best way to ensure you'll be able to access the space is to drop us a line ( and give us as much notice as possible to accommodate your request!
  • I have client meetings all day and/or I would like to do my Zoom choir practice in the space. Can I still join?
    Unfortunately that doesn’t sound like the right fit :)
  • Who’s CO-VALLEY not for?
    Anyone looking for a captive audience to pitch to. No selling here. If you’re looking to practice your pitch, get informed and enthusiastic consent first (and offer to reimburse people for their time!). Someone whose business relies on a stream of client meetings. We’re just not set up for that! Network marketing or multi-level marketing reps looking for more people to sign up. This is not the place. Someone looking for a free place to hang out. Someone who can’t respect others’ space. We won’t tolerate any form of bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or racism, or any other form of awfulness. Just don’t.
  • Do you provide equipment/monitors?
    No, sorry. Other than a chair, a desk, and access to electricity, you'll need to bring your own equipment in. However, full-time co-workers are welcome to bring in their own monitors to leave on their desks, and part-timers can double check with their desk share counterpart if they can do the same (we'll help with that).
  • I make occasional phone calls during the day. Can I still join?
    Yes, absolutely. We have a board room AND a phone booth you can book (if you’re renting a desk for longer than just a drop-in day) if you know in advance that you’ll be on a call. If you need to make calls in the open space, please be mindful of volume and duration.
  • I just need a business address. Can you provide that?
    Unfortunately that is not one of the services we offer.
  • Can I bring my friend/partner/business partner to work with me?
    Sure. They can book a drop-in day if we have space. Please feel free to take your meetings in the meeting room!
  • Can I book a half-day drop-in?
    No, unfortunately we're not set up for that.
  • I need to rent a private room for client services - e.g. OT, counselling, massage, esthetics.
    Unfortunately we’re not set up for that. We don’t have a waiting room, and the boardroom is not soundproof for confidential meetings.
  • Do you have any soundproof rooms?
    Unfortunately, none of our rooms are soundproof, which means they're not suitable for private or confidential meetings.
  • Can I bring my dog to the office?
    Absolutely. We’re a dog friendly office! Common sense rules apply, though–be sure to keep an eye on your furry friend, and be mindful of everyone’s comfort levels.
  • Can I hold face-to-face meetings in CO-VALLEY?
    Absolutely. For anything longer than a quick hello, feel free to book the meeting room.
  • What are your rates?
    Book a drop-in day for $30, or buy a 10-punch-pass for $250. Reserved desks are $350/month or $300/month for a three-month commitment. If you only need a desk for three days per week, that's $200/month. It's $150/month for two days per week. Find more information on the What We Offer page, or email us at
  • What do you mean by "members"? Is there a membership fee?
    We use the term "members" loosely, like "community members." So we may be talking about anyone who currently rents a desk at co-valley, or who has in the past. And no, there's no fee other than your rental rate :)
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